>> Listen now. “Less glitch, more bass, beats and distortion”
 the new EP – Black Medicine, portrays a dark dystopian world with squealing synths and voices in the darkness.
Track listing:
1. Game over
2. Protected space
3. Temple run
4. Black medicine
5. 4044_4
Produced by Room of Wires
Released by Section 27 [S27-159]
Design by Kounterpart

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 22.35.22

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 22.33.22>> View ‘Chern O’ – the first video/audio audio/video collaboration between widely acclaimed video/photography artist cEsar Naves and underground electronic duo Room of Wires inspired by the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster


RoW_used_as_a_runner_Cover_1000pxThe long awaited third EP entitled ‘Used as a runner’ was released on Section 27 on 12.06.16. A move into a more experimental sound but still with that sinister build-up, so familiar with RoW.
>> Listen now

Track listing:
– Used
– Scarce (video by CEsar Naves)
– Snowbound
– Input7
– Back compression

Produced by Room of Wires. Special thanks to Snow state.
Released by Section 27 [S27-152]. Design by Kounterpart.

Scarce video still 2>> Scarce video by CEsar Naves

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 23.46.02>>”…the duo continue to emit fractured industrial-IDM with corroded data bursts and disjointed vocal bits”

Dead Skins is the second EP from Room of Wires, released in late 2015 and available only on Bandcamp. It includes five tracks plus Radical Eyes – which is only available on download.

Track listing:
– Dead Skins (Remastered)
– Gonn
– Prison
– Walkern (Alaskan mix)
– Subdiversion
Bonus track Radical Eyes (download only)

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 19.10.50
>> Hear ‘Dead Skins’ on Bandcamp now


Asylum Sneaker is the first EP from Room of Wires, originally spotted by Tam from Section 27, the EP contains five tracks, from the aggressive US Helicopter audio clips on Asylum Sneaker, to the intoxicating textures in Overtones. This EP will weave it’s way around you, steadily increasing it’s grip…

Track listing:
– Asylum Sneaker
– Overtones
– Train Jacker (>> video by CEsar Naves)
– Helmand Sky
– Dead Skins

10473807_929705473713112_316331558_o>> Out now on Section 27. Catalogue number [S27-134]

Asylum Sneaker Video still 3
>> watch the Asylum Sneaker video by CEsar Naves

Igloo review>> “traversing a wide spectrum of broken electronic forms…” read the review in Igloo magazine