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It’s not easy to find out about RoW, they are extremely cautious of their identities, not just to the world but also to each other. They approach their partnership in its purest form, working in total isolation from each other, yet somehow they manage to create totally cohesive sound.

The duo formed in late 2013 after a spontaneous email exchange, and they continue to work in total isolation from each other. The only thing that binds them together, is their addiction to uneasy music. The duo come from the UK but that’s as far as the detail goes, they don’t talk about themselves, only about their love of experimental electronic music.

Their sound is hard to pin down, one minute it’s harsh and fractured, and then there are these fragile melodic moments, twisted yet beautiful. Complex mantra-like synths are weaved together with mangled beats and almost inaudible field recordings to maintain their uneasy sound. They seem at home in the world of analogue yet equally engulfed in digital.

Now with a string of EP releases through Section 27 Netlabel, several short film scores, and various collaborations with videographers, RoW are on the look-out for the next level of their journey.

The one thing they both agree on is… “there’s still plenty more to come from Room of Wires”.